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Th Bird Email Extractor v2.1.6

Th Bird Email Extractor v2.1.6 - A Robust and fast thunderbird email addresses extractor software (thunderbird add-on) to collect thunderbird email addresses from Thunderbird emails and can be saved in excel / csv files. It extracts required thunderbird email addresses from cc, bcc, sender, subject and mail body of thunderbird emails and gives you a unique and required email addresses in excel file.

Th Bird Email Extractor v2.1.6 supports features that allows you to get a list of required email addresses. It is a best thunderbird email addresses extractor to save lots of your valuable time and efforts to give you a list of email addresses from Thunderbird. Th Bird Email Extractor v2.1.6 free trial available for Windows OS.

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How Th Bird Email Extractor Works v2.1.6

Note : Before using the application you must ensures that Mozilla Thunderbird email client installed on the computer and mail account configured.

Step 1: Execute the Appliation

When you starts the application, It automatically loads all mail folders of configured mail accounts from default Mozilla Thunderbird location or from selected other mail sync location.

free thunderbird email extractor

Step 2: Search Email Address

You can select mail folder(s) in left panel from where you want to extract email addresses and click on Search Email button. It would search email addresses immediately.

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Blocked Keyword in Email Address

If you want not to search some email addresses that contains some perticular keywords, you can add in settings window.

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Other Thunderbird Mail Sync Location then Default

If you configured Thunderbird Mail Sync Folder other then default location, you can setup in the Mail Folder tab of settings window. Everytime Th Bird Email Extractor v2.1.6 would load mail accounts from this location.

thunderbird addon email addresses list

Refresh Thunderbird Mail Accounts

If you changed Th Bird Email Extractor v2.1.6 settings, you must relaod mail accounts by click on Relaod button.

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6: Email Addresses Filter
thunderbird email spider

7: Software License Registration
extract thunderbird emails

System Requirement...
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • .Net Framwork 2.0
  • Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client Installed
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