Desktop IE Automation v1.6

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Desktop IE Automation v1.6 - Customise solution for Search Website PDF / Data. Automatic Website Data Extractor - extract name, email, phone, mobile number in website. A custom software to automate the process of data extraction from website where data generated dynamically on each web page of a given website and saves the extracted data in Excel file. You can extract required data in excel file from a webpage link that has lots of data in tabular format with multiple pages (even if thousands of pages) on it.

Manual collection of data from websites is more complex and huge time taking but with Desktop IE Automation v1.6 software you can pull website data to Excel from Multiple pages tabular data in few mouse clicks. Desktop IE Automation v1.6 extracts structured data (name, email, address, phone number, mobile number and weblinks) from multiple pages of a website in Excel. The software automates the process of data extraction from each web page of a given website (the webpage link from where you want to extract data) and saves the data in Excel.

Desktop IE Automation v1.6 is best software for collecting required data and converts into valuable information that would be much useful for you. It is fast website data crawler to collect required information that is generated dynamically in the tabular format on a webpage with thousands of pages. We provide you custom software as per your requirements and collected data is 99.99% accurate. Desktop IE Automation v1.6 is easy to use desktop application for Window.

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There are lots of website data extractor tools available in market which can extracts emails and data from only HTML content in webpages but not from webpages that contains data generated dynamically, data in encrypted format or data available in multiple pages. Desktop IE Automation v1.6 provides you a best solution for pulling data from websites with dynamically generated data in tabular format and having multiple pages.

Tabular Data Example with Pages:
pull dynamic data from websites pull websites dynamic data

Key Features...

  • A custom software that automates the process of data extraction from website.
  • It is fast website data crawler to collect data that is generated dynamically.
  • It exports whole data from multiple pages of a website to excel.
  • Collected data would be 100% accurate and can be saved in excel.
  • It is easy to use desktop application for Windows.
  • It saves your huge time and manpower.
System Requirement...
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • .Net Framwork 3.5
  • Windows Operating System

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