Thunderbird Email Extractor v2.0.7

Need a valid email addresses list from Mozilla Thunderbird to contact to your valuable clients regarding business updates. Manually collecting email addresses list from Thunderbird is a huge time taking process. How to get email addresses list from Thunderbird in to excel, csv or other file format?

Thunderbird Email Extractor - A safe email address finder software for Thunderbird. It collects email address from Thunderbird and save in to excel, csv and notepad file format.

Thunderbird Email Extractor is the best email address extractor software for Mozilla Thunderbird. It extracts email address list from Thunderbird Inbox and other mail folders. Thunderbird Email Address Extractor software extract required email address from all configured mail accounts in Mozilla Thunderbird. It supports custom mail sync location for thunderbird, if configured mail account sync location other than default location in Thunderbird. Thunderbird Email Extractor search email address from Mozilla Thunderbird emails. It supports option to get required email addresses list.

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Key Features...
  • Shows mail accounts and folders in tree structure to easily understand.
  • Automatically detects all configured mail accounts in thunderbird.
  • Extract email address from recipient, sender, subject and mail body of emails.
  • Removes duplicate email address and give required email address from thunderbird.
  • Custom mail sync location support in Mozilla thunderbird.
  • Not expensive than valuable time, efforts and email address.
  • Compatible with all version of mozilla thunderbird email client.
System Requirement...
  • Windows Operating System
  • .Net Framwork 4.5
  • Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client Software
Popularity As:
  • Email address Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Thunderbird Email Address Spider
  • Thunderbird Email Address Harvester
  • Thunderbird Email Address Finder
  • Thunderbird Email Address Collector
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