PDF Protector, Splitter and Merger PRO

ALL in one PDF software with lots of functions for pdf documents such as encrypt pdf files (protect pdf files with password), split pdf files (break large pdf document into small parts), merge pdf files (combine many pdf documents into one pdf file), extract images from pdf files and extract text from pdf files.

PDF Protector function is use to protect your PDF files by setting password (user/owner password) for pdf files or setting permissions for users to print your PDF files. PDF Protector supports 128-bit encryption for PDF documents.

PDF Splitter - A function to split single PDF file in to many PDF files with lot of options. It can break large PDF by alternate page sequence, by even or odd pages sequence, by page range in PDF. It can delete any specific page(s) from PDF file etc.

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PDF Merger - A function to combine many PDF files in to single PDF file. It can merge many PDF files with lot of options in PDF file. Any PDF file or any page from PDF file can be added at any position in PDF file.

PDF Image Extractor - A function to extract images of any format from PDF files. PDF can contains images of any format. PDF Protector, Splitter and Merger PRO can easily extract images exists in pdf files.

Key Features...
  • PDF Protector, Splitter and Merger PRO supports 128-bit encryption.
  • PDF Merger - combine many PDF files in to single PDF file.
  • PDF Splitter - break large pdf file in to many small PDF files with various split options.
  • Any number of pages can be added to existing PDF at any position.
  • It extract images of any format from PDF files.
  • It can convert PDF files text in to .txt files.
  • No other softwares required to operate on PDF documents.
System Requirement...
  • Windows Operating System
  • .Net Framework 4.6.1
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