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Auto Data Backup Manager v2.0

Auto Data Backup Manager v2.0 is a data backup software for scheduling files and folders backup on the given date and time. Auto Data Backup Manager v2.0 allows users to schedule multiple data backup tasks at the same date/time using repetition mode hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or on specific date/time.

Auto Data Backup Manager v2.0 utility allow users to schedule files and folders backup to the external hard drive, USB drive or any other storage device even in local network (LAN). Auto Data Backup Manager v2.0 supports multiple tasks at the same date/time and based on windows service that runs in background so that it does not affect the other program on your computer.

Auto Data Backup Manager v2.0 is a very good data backup software to backup your valuable data on the scheduled date/time even if you forget to backup your data (files and folders). Automatic Data Backup Manager v2.0 is best automatic data backup tool for windows operating system. Auto Data Backup Manager v2.0 has a user friendly GUI to manage tasks (files and folders), schedule date and time.

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How to Use Automatic File/Folder Backup Scheduler v2.0 While you have completed the installation process of Auto Data Backup Scheduler v2.0, you click on icon on desktop for manage tasks for backup.
1: Scheduling files and folders for backup.
All scheduled tasks with current status, next schedule datetime with frequency, source location, destination location and task active/inactive status would be listed in grid on main window. Click on Schedule Backup icon.

folder daily backup automatically

2: While creating backup task, select taskname, source backup type either folder/directory or files, destination folder and frequency (how frequent data should backup).

files backup scheduler

3: While creating backup task for files type, you can select files from different location in single task, destination folder and frequency (how frequent data should backup).

folder backup scheduler

4: Once you save the backup task, the created task would be shown in Auto Data Backup Manager windows. In task scheduler manager windows you can edit task by mouse right click, set active / inactive status etc.
Now you can close the task scheduler manager, Auto Data Backup Manager service would handle data backup automatically in back ground.

folder daily backup automatically

5: Software license registration process.
On the payment confirmation, you would receive software license actiation code that you need to enter in the textbox of software license registration window and click on "Activate License" button. Software license code would be authenticated online, so internet must be on the computer on which license register. In future, you format the computer, software license for the software would be same on the computer.

folder daily backup automatically
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