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Batch File Renamer v2.4

Batch File Renamer v2.4 is a many files renaming software for Windows to rename many files in few mouse clicks with lots of files renaming options in Windows. If you have lots of music files, photos or other files to rename with some specific pattern such as remove text in file name, insert and replace text in file name, file name extensions can be UPPERCASE, lowercase or sentence case, many files name be indexed ie. (file-name1.jpg, file-name2.jpg) and so lots of options for files rename. It also replace any character, text, numeric digit from file's name. Batch File Renamer v2.4 is available for free trial for Windows.

Batch File Renamer v2.4 is a very easy to use software to rename any type of files and it process thousand of files in few clicks. Batch File Renamer v2.4 software have a good feature of real time preview of renamed files to avoid any mistake before finally changing files. File renaming process can be rollback immediately if you don't want to rename.

How to use Batch File Renamer v2.4
It is a very easy software for renaming many files in few mouse clicks, whole process of files rename is divided into steps.
Step 1:
Add files of any format such as (images, documents, zip, exe, photo, movie etc.) files which you want to rename,
By click on "Add files to List" button. As shown in figure 1.0 & 1.1
Batch Files Renamer
Image 1.0
free Files Rename Software
Image 1.1
Add files from folder & sub-folders by click on "Add files from Folder" button. Choose a directory in which you want to rename files. As shown in figure 1.2
many files rename tool
Image 1.2
After select a Directory, a search criteria will be shown so that you can add files according to your requirement instead of all files of a selected directory. As shown in figure 1.3
File Rename software
Image 1.3
Note: There are lots of searching options available to load files from folder & sub folders. ie.
1: Load all files with particuler extension.
2: Load all files according to modified date.
3: Filename contains some text string. etc.
Step 2 - Files Rename Preview:
File Rename Preview is a step just before finally renaming all files. File Rename Preview allows you see all new file's name before apply renaming options to files. As shown in figure 1.4 & 1.5
You can choose any file rename options such as Add Prefix, Add Suffix, Change Case of filename & file extension, Replace text in file name, remove any character etc.
You can also keep all file's name same differ by index by choosing the file rename oprtion "Single name for all files...".
File Renamer
Image 1.4
folder rename
Image 1.5
After confirm all new files name as you can see in preview-step, finally apply for rename for all files in the files list. shown in figure 1.6
bulk file renamer
Image 1.6
If you want all files rename undo, you can. as shown in figure 1.7 & 1.8, Batch File Renamer have feature of old file name back. But it only provides single process back.
file rename freeware
Image 1.7
batch file renamer
Image 1.8
Step 3: License Registration
Trial version of the Batch File Renamer provides limited functionality. So kindly use licensed software for full experience of the Batch File Rename. For Register the License of the Software, Click on Help Menu-> Activate License subMenu as sown in figure 1.9
multi file rename
Image 1.9
After payment confirmation, You will receive an activation serial code to register the license. put received license activation serial code in the text area and click "Activate License" button.
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